MAX Academy Part 3: Direct Sold and Performance Reports

Doug Borghese
Aug 16, 2022

Welcome back to the MAX Academy video series. So far, we’ve covered quite a few topics around how to use AppLovin’s MAX platform—from the basics to detailed explainers on setting up A/B tests, safety tutorials, and more. If you missed any of those posts, check out Part 1 and Part 2 to get caught up.

In this final installment, AppLovin’s Director of Product Growth Tiffany Muriel is back to guide you through two very important topics: 

First, you’ll dive deep into setting up Direct Sold campaigns. Then, you’ll learn how to use reports to make the most out of every single impression. Afterwards, you’ll be well on your way to optimizing and scaling your ad revenues like never before.

Ready? Sit back and relax. The MAX Academy is back in session.

Setting Up a Direct Sold Campaign

Are Direct Sold Campaigns right for you? It depends on your business case. Setting up a Direct Sold campaign helps when you have an advertiser-direct relationship, but can also benefit publishers in other situations. In this video, Tiffany focuses on the main use case and explains in detail how to set up, customize, analyze, and report data from Direct Sold campaigns within MAX. 

Using Reports to Optimize Performance

AppLovin MAX is all about optimization. In our final MAX Academy video, Tiffany explains how to use reports to track, analyze, and identify growth opportunities to optimize every new ad campaign. At a basic level, one of the most important performance metrics is revenue. Advanced reporting allows you to track monetization performance, understand overall revenue trends, and uncover new opportunities for growth.

Go on, take the knowledge and run

The MAX Academy video series was created to help you maximize your success with MAX, our powerful, comprehensive solution for ad monetization. At AppLovin, we believe that information is power, and learning how to harness and optimize the value of data can truly put your ad campaigns on another level. 

From creating ad units to setting up waterfalls to more advanced reporting and monetization strategies, we hope you feel more comfortable taking advantage of everything MAX has to offer after graduating from MAX Academy. If you want to go back and get a refresh on any past installments, check out the MAX Academy YouTube Playlist.

From all of us at AppLovin—thanks for attending the MAX academy. Caps off to you!

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