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Our campaign setup wizard makes it simple to establish your campaign flow. Select what you want to promote, then simply follow the easy steps to promote it by choosing a country, category, tracking solution, and more.

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Create your content

With just a click, AppLovin can auto-generate content (graphic and even video) using your app’s existing App Store assets – or you can easily upload your own. Want to leverage playable content? Just contact your AppLovin representative. Whatever you choose, we optimize for performance so that you reach new users and drive engagement.


Choose the best $ amount

Add as many or as few funds as you want. Payment is easy via credit card or electronic wire transfer. Find the amount that works for your business and allows you to reach ROI faster.


Launch your campaign

Launching your campaign only takes a few minutes. You’ll see new users downloading your game right away.


Optimize performance

AppLovin’s dashboard tracks performance and measures the results of every campaign. Our reporting tools allow you to identify your highest performing campaigns to iterate on them. Data from your campaigns helps ensure you achieve your revenue goals.

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