Expedia finds a new source of loyal travelers with Plus!

Using Plus!’s impactful promotional placements, Expedia gained exposure to a large audience at a crucial moment in the travel booking process.



Marketing Objective

Driving Conversions



Expedia Group is the world’s leading travel technology platform. Through 20+ global brands, consumers can book flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and more at competitive prices and with exclusive deals.


Seattle, WA

Company Size

Over 17,000 employees in over 50 countries




The Challenge

Fostering brand loyalty in the competitive travel industry

As the travel industry geared up for significant growth in 2024, Expedia Group, a leading global travel platform, sought fresh promotional strategies to connect with new and existing users of its flagship brand, Expedia.

Expedia Group recognized the critical role of savings and rewards incentives in cultivating traveler loyalty (due to hotels and flights being high-cost products) and that consumers frequently use smartphones to book travel and experiences. With these factors in mind, they aimed to enhance their rewards-based strategy on mobile to improve conversion rates, increase average order value, and ensure travelers’ continued preference for the platform for future trips.

The Solution

Plus! provided exposure to a massive, high-intent mobile audience

Expedia Group partnered with Plus! to tap into a vast, savings-motivated user base to attract and convert new and repeat business. Because Plus! comes preloaded on millions of Android devices, the Expedia brand immediately gained exposure to a massive audience on mobile.

The Expedia brand got a leg up on the competition by leveraging several strategic placements within the Plus! app. They showcased rewards opportunities in a homepage tile, ensuring maximum visibility by being one of the first deals users see when browsing the app. Additionally, Expedia Group specifically targeted users with a demonstrated interest in booking travel by displaying rewards opportunities using Plus!’s “Deals You May Like” placements. Since savings are automatically applied to the booking process, it’s easy for interested travelers to act on rewards opportunities discovered in the Plus! app, ensuring promotional interactions translate into bookings.

The Results

Expedia unlocked a new source of travel bookings

Results stats
Plus! enabled Expedia Group to show rewards to high-intent users at exactly the right time: when they are beginning the process of booking a trip on their mobile devices. Expanding their promotional strategy with Plus! resulted in a sixfold increase in travel bookings per day. They saw a 4x rise in the number of unique purchasers, indicating a broadening of their customer base with new, incremental travelers.

Expedia customers won, too. They benefited from three different rewards for a single transaction: Expedia Group’s One Key program, savings via Plus!, and savings via airline loyalty programs. By offering additional rewards, Expedia not only improved conversions, but increased stickiness by strongly incentivizing travelers to continue to use their platform for future trips.

In Summary

Exposure to an engaged new audience

Partnering with Plus! helped Expedia Group catch users’ attention at the optimal moment in their booking journey and sway them to book through Expedia.

Increased bookings and loyal customers

By expanding their promotions to be among the first brands users see in the Plus! app, and targeting users looking to book travel, Expedia saw a 6x increase in bookings.

Working with Plus! has not only allowed us to reach a wider audience, it’s given us a new way to offer travel rewards to our customers.

We’re thrilled to be engaging a new audience at the perfect moment: when they’re on their smartphones, choosing which platform to book their travel with. In our industry, rewards are a pivotal decision-making factor and loyalty incentive. So, Plus! makes booking through Expedia an easy choice for potential customers and makes returning to Expedia for future trips an even easier choice, strengthening our position as a top travel platform.

Giovanni Forner dos Santos
Head of Partnerships

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