AppLovin Success Story
Success Story

Kayac hit #1 after its multifaceted partnership with AppLovin

Kayac leveraged MAX, ROAS bidder, and SparkLabs to send Park Master to the top of the charts.


Kayac Inc. is devoted to the creation of games that provide completely new experiences to their players.


Kamakura, Japan






Kayac wanted to enter the hyper-casual gaming market and create a sustainable, successful game.

Kayac produced social games in Japan, and wanted to create a successful hyper-casual game. With a small game development/gaming team of five people, the team behind Park Master needed expertise in monetization, user acquisition, and ad creatives to attract and retain users.

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To achieve their goals, Kayac implemented MAX, partnered with SparkLabs, and leveraged ROAS bidder

Kayac integrated MAX, driving a lift in ARPDAU, and then ran additional rounds of A/B tests to further increase ARPDAU and maximize LTV. Then, the team consulted AppLovin’s SparkLabs for input on creative ad design, followed by Kayac enabling ROAS bidder — both allowed Kayac to scale out user acquisition efforts and save time from optimizing source level bids, all while surpassing their ROAS goals.

The Results

AppLovin helped drive 45% of installs in getting Park Master to #1 on the charts.

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Initially, Kayac’s Park Master temporarily reached a strong chart position, but quickly lost momentum. Looking for ways to resonate with potential users, Kayac partnered with SparkLabs and saw their position begin to improve after implementing some great creatives. Following, they turned on ROAS bidder to optimize performance on a source-level basis — leading them to hit and sustain a #1 position at the top of charts for several weeks.


Achieved Profitability

By gaining expert knowledge from AppLovin on the hyper-casual market, Kayac was able to buy profitable users at scale with the ROAS bidder and improve ARPDAU 20% with MAX, driving incremental lifts through each A/B test.

Expert Creatives

SparkLabs was able to help Kayac reimagine their current ads to make them successful and resonate with users, driving a 50% increase on IPMs.

Implementing MAX not only increased our product revenue, but it saved us a lot of operational costs, which allowed our team to refocus their energy on creating great games.

Additionally, the AppLovin team has been an ideal partner by providing outstanding, timely support to our business.

Yudai Hatasa

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