Lightricks tapped into a new audience of profitable users with AppDiscovery

AppDiscovery delivered a steady stream of new subscribers at efficient costs for the popular photo and video editing app Facetune.



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Lightricks provides a state-of-the-art photo and video creation platform for content creators and brands to edit, monetize, and scale their content. Their suite of apps — and new initiatives like LTX Studio — leverages advanced computational graphics and generative AI features and has more than 730 million downloads worldwide.

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The Challenge

Driving cost-efficient growth through new channels

Lightricks monetizes its photo and video editing app Facetune through a subscription model. Some users opt for a paid subscription soon after downloading the app, while others sign up for a free trial and convert to a paid subscription at the end of the trial.

Lightricks wanted to grow Facetune’s number of subscribers, regardless of how they subscribe, and strengthen its UA strategy by diversifying beyond social channels. They needed a growth partner that could consistently and cost-effectively deliver users who would sign up for subscriptions.

The Solution

AppDiscovery’s CPE and ROAS campaigns efficiently found new subscribers

Lightricks partnered with AppLovin to deploy a comprehensive strategy that would increase new Facetune subscribers. They launched two campaign types on AppDiscovery in quick succession: a Cost Per Event (CPE) campaign optimized for all subscriptions — including trials that would go on to convert to a paid subscription — at efficient costs and an IAP ROAS campaign to acquire users who generate revenue within the first week.

The powerful learning and targeting capabilities of AppDiscovery’s AI enabled the campaigns to quickly calibrate to achieve their cost and ROAS goals and helped Lightricks find a growing number of subscribers across more than a dozen countries. This was accomplished with the support of SparkLabs, AppLovin’s in-house creative agency, which produced high-quality playable ads and localized them into several languages.

Recognizing the strong performance of their AppDiscovery campaigns, Lightricks expanded their partnership by launching a CTV campaign for Facetune and mobile campaigns for their other apps, Photoleap and Videoleap.

The Results

AppDiscovery grew Facetune’s high-value user base while achieving cost and ROAS goals

Results stats
Within 6 weeks of launching on AppDiscovery, Lightricks increased weekly spend on the platform by more than 7x as AppDiscovery’s AI advertising engine consistently found high-value users for Facetune.

Lightricks’ CPE campaign delivered subscribers with remarkable efficiency right out of the gate. As the AI calibrated to find the right users, the cost per subscription decreased 20% within the first two months and continued to closely achieve Lightricks’ cost goals for 7 consecutive months (to the time of this writing). Lightricks’ ROAS campaign performed similarly well, achieving day 7 ROAS goals quickly after launch as AppDiscovery’s AI targeted paying subscribers with rapidly increasing accuracy.

In Summary

Quickly achieved efficiency goals

The accurate targeting and fast learning capabilities of AppDiscovery’s AI advertising engine enabled Lightricks to reliably achieve their CPE and ROAS goals soon after launching their campaigns.

Unlocked a strong source of new subscribers

Lightricks increased spend with AppDiscovery by 7x within 6 weeks and continued to steadily find more scale for their photo and video editing apps through advanced mobile campaigns.

AppDiscovery helps us stay on the cutting edge

At Lightricks, we’re always looking to test new channels and technology that can give our apps a competitive advantage. We know there are many ways to reach new users — including in mobile gaming inventory. Our AppDiscovery campaigns have validated this. We’ve been able to multiply our spend with AppDiscovery in a short period of time, and the result has been high-quality subscribers at profitable price points with remarkable consistency. We recently expanded our partnership with AppLovin to CTV and these campaigns are already seeing great results.

Tomer Weisman
Growth Marketing Lead

1AppLovin: Sept 25–Oct 1 to Nov 6–12, 2023
2AppLovin: MoM, Sept to Oct 2023

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