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Success Story

MondayOFF achieves a 10% ARPDAU lift and skyrockets in the charts

By enabling Facebook Audience Network as a bidder through MAX in-app bidding, MondayOFF bolstered revenue for Be A Pong


MondayOFF is a Korean game developer and publisher that released 12 games in 2019 — its hit game Be A Pong was a Top 10 free game on the App Store across 33 countries.


Seoul, South Korea






MondayOFF’s small team had a limited amount of resources to dedicate to manually optimizing their monetization stack.

In Korea, hyper-casual is a newer business model, and because of this MondayOFF needed a partner who could help them rapidly test and implement new strategies in monetization and acquire new users through high quality creatives.

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MondayOFF enabled bidding with Facebook Audience Network through MAX and reached scale with SparkLabs’ unique creatives

With MAX, MondayOFF improved their ARPDAU by 10% enabling bidders like AppLovin and Facebook Audience Network, and utilized AppLovin’s SparkLabs to build creatives to scale campaigns. Partnering with AppLovin freed up time for the MondayOFF team to focus on iterating and improving their games.

The Results

AppLovin drove Be A Pong to the top of the App Store

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MondayOFF partnered with AppLovin to integrate MAX and move their key demand partners like Facebook Audience Network and AppLovin to a more competitive auction — driving a 10% lift in ARPDAU right away. AppLovin was the edge that MondayOFF was looking for — driving Be A Pong to the top of the App Store.


Saved time and increased revenue

By integrating MAX and moving key demand partners like Facebook Audience Network and AppLovin to bidding, MondayOFF saw a more than 10% ARPDAU lift for Be A Pong and now has more time to focus on building great games.

Expert creatives built by SparkLabs

SparkLabs built MondayOFF creatives for user acquisition, which allowed them to scale successful campaigns resulting in a 10x increase in spend at the same CPI.

With MAX in-app bidding and quick advice on our monetization setup, AppLovin gave our studio an edge to hold our own against many larger hyper-casual game studios.

Dunkun Kang

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