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Looking for an Internship? AppLovin’s Intern Reveals No.1 Skill for Success

Claire Tak
Jul 24, 2020

When asked why Pablo Almazan applied to AppLovin’s intern program, he laughed, “The name was funky and it piqued my interest. After doing some research, I saw how well the company treats their employees, and I wanted in. I willed it to happen.” 

Pablo, now in his last year as a Business Administration major at San Jose State University, joined AppLovin as our first HR intern. With only one short semester left, the timing of Pablo’s internship happened to overlap with the shelter-in-place mandate that took place this past March in California. 

AppLovin’s internship program expands to HR

While some companies cut their internship programs indefinitely, others have moved their programs completely online. AppLovin was one of those companies. 

We’ve expanded our internship program from various departments, including engineering and design, and now, human resources. 

Pablo would not only be AppLovin’s first HR intern, he’d also experience it 100 percent remotely. 

If you’re struggling to find an internship or want to know what it’s like to be a part of a remote internship program, here’s what Pablo had to share about his unique, at-home experience.

Be goal-specific

Pablo wanted to “gain a better understanding of the day-to-day operations of a fast-moving company. Specifically, I wanted to learn more about recruiting, payroll and see the differences between the classroom setting versus the real world.”

Make it a point to grow your emotional intelligence 

Pablo says the number one thing he’s gained from his internship at AppLovin was developing his emotional intelligence. “This has helped me to be more successful than any other technical skills I learned in school. This internship enhanced the way I do things, like read a room and understand who is more receptive to what.” 

He explains that improving these soft skills is important because it touches every aspect of his work life. 

“It helps me understand the best ways to collaborate with the team and take initiative. Sometimes, it’s about knowing when to not take initiative and to finish what’s on my plate before taking on more work.”

Recognize ‘imposter syndrome’

While it’s not an actual disorder, imposter syndrome is when you don’t feel you deserve the success you’ve experienced. You may chalk it up to luck or good timing. 

“There’s a balance between being humble and letting AppLovin know what I bring to the table. Mental fortitude is important, especially as an undergrad who’s looking for a job.” 

In his day to day at AppLovin, Pablo made it a point not to devalue himself. “Until you get over this mental obstacle, you’ll start to understand the value in yourself and help others.”

It’s okay to be the inexperienced one on the team

“I was excited to join AppLovin, but at the same time I’d get nervous about approaching a new task because I kind of knew what I was doing, but sometimes I didn’t.”

Pablo knows he has his team to fall back on, in case he needs support or has questions. Because of that, he isn’t afraid to fail and knows it’s okay to feel confused at times. 

Ready for the real world

Going back to his goals, Pablo’s experience at AppLovin has indeed helped prepare him for the real world. “I learned so much when AppLovin acquired Machine Zone. From an HR standpoint, I was surprised at the amount of work it takes to acquire a company. That’s something I would’ve never learned in the classroom.”

When asked if the remote internship lived up to his expectations, Pablo nodded with a smile and said, “I know what it means to be treated well.”

Want to join AppLovin? We’re hiring! Visit our careers page.

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