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AppLovin’s Biggest Success Stories in 2020: Increasing Revenue, Growth, and Efficiency

Claire Tak
Jan 1, 2021

Telling stories is a powerful way to remember, influence, and learn. A good story is not only motivating and inspirational, it helps you feel connected to each other, which strengthens relationships. 

At AppLovin, we thrive on those relationships and relish these compelling stories of success. From unpacking the complexity of how app developers monetize and improve profits, to strategies and the best ways to A/B test during a soft launch, these stories paint a picture of how the industry is finding success with AppLovin. 

Here are just a few of our most successful stories of 2020. Our hope is that these stories will help you better understand the struggles, mistakes, and discoveries that ultimately helped these businesses achieve enormous growth.

Nox Joy generates 90 percent ARPDAU lift and rockets their game to the top of the charts

Beijing-based studio Nox Joy faced a few challenges. For one, they wanted to expand their audience reach into the U.S., and two, they needed a more holistic approach to increase their profits and scale their user acquisition efforts. 

The 30-person company partnered with AppLovin to grow their business exponentially. Specifically, they used MAX to run A/B tests and as a result, their LTV skyrocketed. Their incremental revenue increased and because of that, they were able to spend more on their game, Pin Rescue. They also leveraged AppDiscovery, which helped them scaled their game’s total installs by 4X. 

Tastypill climbs to no. 1 in the app store multiple times with SparkLabs

Atlanta-based studio Tastypill was delighted to see their games rise to no. 1 in the Apple App Store after partnering with AppLovin’s in-house creative studio, SparkLabs. 

The lean company, which only has 15 employees, already had an impressive 500 million downloads under their belt but wanted to scale their newer titles. They faced a familiar problem—bandwidth. Tastypill knew they needed a variety of creatives, especially in the form of playable ads, but simply did not have the dedicated team or support they needed. 

It’s why they turned to SparkLabs to get it done quickly but strategically. As a result, BottleFlip 3D and Sling Drift climbed to the no. 1 position!

Vizor Games increases their installs by 50 percent

When you’re increasing the rate of your app installs by 50 percent, anything more is a bonus! So when Belarus-based studio Vizor Games saw an overall conversion lift of 15 to 30 percent, they were excited to continue testing so they could scale. 

The company, which has over 200 employees, launched Klondike Adventures, and wanted a solid strategy that would help them launch and scale it. 

With AppLovin’s platform, Vizor Games found stability in their conversion metrics and optimized their monetization strategy. 

Hyper Hippo creates a higher-quality user experience 

British Columbia-based developer Hyper Hippo was one of the pioneers of rewarded video. The Canadian developer is proud of delivering an immersive experience for their users. 

Hyper Hippo needed a more well-rounded solution to increase their LTV and grow their user base. 

Their two-person growth team wanted a single platform that would deliver on their goal of scaling and maximizing revenue. They partnered with MAX to accomplish that and develop a more engaging user experience. 

With MAX, Hyper Hippo was also able to deliver a higher quality user experience for their hit game, AdVenture Capitalist IP by identifying which creatives users were most (and least) engaged with. 

Here’s to more success and strong partnerships in 2021

These are just a few of the many flourishing partnerships that has helped these studios improve their revenue, efficiency, and overall growth. By leveraging AppLovin’s suite of powerful solutions, including MAX, SparkLabs, and AppDiscovery, these developers experienced clarity and a deeper understanding of how their games resonated with their users. 

Find out more about MAX, AppDiscovery, and SparkLabs.

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