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AppLovin is IAB Open Measurement SDK Certified

Today, AppLovin is thrilled to announce that we have been officially certified by IAB Tech Lab for the Open Measurement initiative (OM SDK). MAX publishers who update to AppLovin SDK 11.0.0 will be able to take advantage of the open measurement functionality. Read more about MAX SDK 11.0.0 features. 

The VAST ad format — a communication standard that allows ad servers and video players to talk to each other and that includes advanced delivery and tracking options — is the first format to go through IAB’s official certification process. Additional ad formats, including native, are expected to be certified by February. 

OM SDK integration and VAST certification allows marketers running campaigns in the AppLovin Exchange to use OM SDK to measure viewability with any OM-supported vendors. In addition, Publishers can improve yield with access to premium demand that requires OM measurement, and every eligible bid request will include a signal showing that the ad opportunity can be measured by the OM SDK.


The OM SDK was created by the IAB Tech Lab and key ad industry leaders to instill trust and transparency among brands buying in-app supply. OM SDK facilitates third party viewability and verification measurement for ads, which helps advertisers verify they are reaching a real, engaged, and measurable audience through mobile apps. For publishers, it allows a single SDK integration for all ad viewability measurement, reducing app size, latency, and dealing with bugs that come from having multiple measurement SDKs. For advertisers and agencies, accessing preferred providers is more flexible. 

What does this mean for advertisers and publishers working with AppLovin?  

AppLovin is committed to bringing the best possible supply to advertisers and growth teams. IAB’s Open Measurement SDK allows for enhanced viewability signals in the bid stream for AppLovin Exchange DSPs and enables publishers to monetize their inventory with direct-sold campaigns on MAX. 

“We’re delighted to have AppLovin certified for the Open Measurement SDK. By going through this process, AppLovin demonstrates that they are committed to further increasing interoperability of systems within our industry and to building an ecosystem where buyers have flexibility in the measurement partners they choose to work with. Congratulations to the AppLovin team on this certification.” Jarrett Wold, Senior Director of Compliance Programs, IAB Tech Lab 

The OM SDK enables advertisers to measure campaign metrics based on a single-point, standardized measurement SDK and collaborate with their measurement vendor of choice for impressions and clicks. The IAB OM SDK provides a common set of code and libraries to facilitate third-party access to measurement data in a standardized fashion. 

With the IAB OM SDK certification, AppLovin Exchange buyers and publishers benefit from more transparency. With simplified viewability and verification of in-app advertising, brands can easily and confidently buy more mobile app inventory. And marketers have greater transparency into their programmatic media campaigns using one of the largest mobile in-app exchanges with an OM-measurable supply across all ad formats, including video and native. 

What are the benefits of OM SDK compliance?

  • Marketers running campaigns in the AppLovin Exchange can use OM SDK to measure viewability with any OM-supported vendors.
  • Publishers can improve yield with access to premium demand that requires OM measurement.
  • Every eligible bid request includes a signal showing that the ad opportunity can be measured by the OM SDK.
  • It can drive and improve revenue, fostering trust and transparency between brands and convincing more advertisers that they’re reaching real people and the right target audience — and that their creatives are making a measurable impact. 
  • It fosters trust and transparency among brands and can convince more advertisers. 
  • It makes adoption easier for publishers and app developers.
  • Measurement services are more efficient and standardized.
  • It creates a better user experience by reducing the native app’s footprint and memory usage. 
  • It simplifies and reduces integration time and ongoing maintenance for developers. 
  • It provides equal data access to all vendors, streamlines data, improves accuracy, and reduces dependencies. 

With today’s announcement, advertisers bidding on MAX will see signals in bid requests for our OM-eligible supply starting with AppLovin SDK v11.0.0. To take advantage of this new functionality, advertisers should simply include a measurement tag from an Open Measurement Working Group member vendor in their creative. 

About the author: Michaela Jacobsberg-Reiss
As AppLovin’s Director of Product Partnerships, Michaela joined AppLovin via the recent MoPub acquisition. At MoPub, she served as Global Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, advancing commercial and product initiatives across marketing outcomes, measurements, health and brand safety, and inventory targeting. Now at AppLovin, she is using her ad tech expertise to continue growing AppLovin’s tool set for publishers and advertisers via ecosystem collaborations and partnerships.

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