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3 More Mobile Monetization Strategy Success Stories

Doug Borghese
Mar 10, 2023

Dynamic, growth-oriented mobile businesses need to be able to make decisions quickly and confidently. But this doesn’t just mean making smart decisions in response to changes in the economy or shifting culture trends. You have to take as much out of your manual workload as possible while making decisions with certainty. Knowing when and how to launch your monetization strategy is the best way to both reduce costs and improve revenue. And that’s exactly why the companies below chose to work with us.

We’ve already showcased three popular apps that accelerated growth through our solutions. Here’s a closer look at three more businesses and their apps. They have all seen serious growth and success after working with AppLovin. Important to note: These monetization strategy success stories also show that mobile games aren’t the only apps finding success through AppLovin solutions.

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The Italy-based productivity app IdeaSolutions previously used MoPub for mediation. But after the consolidation of MoPub, they needed to find a long-term monetization strategy partner and a mediation platform that would give them access to user-friendly tools, automate their mobile ad revenue growth, and ensure a fast, seamless migration to prevent payment disruptions and outages.

After working with AppLovin, the IdeaSolutions development team successfully migrated their popular file management app, Amerigo, over to MAX. Thanks to the ease of setup as well as the higher demand available on MAX, Amerigo saw a 50% increase in its total ad revenue, as well as a 17.5% month-over-month IMP/DAU lift.

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Daily Yoga is an industry-leading fitness and meditation platform based in China. Their UA started to slow and they ran into challenges around performance evaluations in the wake of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, which introduced ATT (app tracking transparency). 

To get back on track, they needed to work with a network capable of using available insights to bring smart automation to their campaigns. Additionally, they needed to refocus their UA to win better quality traffic and drive one of their most profitable conversion types: signups for the Daily Yoga subscription service.

To help them achieve their goals, the Daily Yoga team chose AppDiscovery, AppLovin’s smart UA solution, which uses the power of machine learning to ensure a honed in, money making UA strategy – including for iOS 14.5 and higher. After the switch, and in spite of their past iOS challenges, Daily Yoga saw fast improvement in their most valuable previously mentioned down-funnel event. This created a 62% Day-0 ROAS improvement, and 100% month-over-month growth of US-based installs on iOS 14.5 and above.

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Audiomack is a New York-based company and platform dedicated to helping artists showcase and monetize their music. They chose a popular goal: to grow their revenue through IAA (in-app advertising). Like IdeaSolutions, they needed to migrate their ad configurations to a new platform, and they had to do so quickly to ensure they weren’t interrupting their creators’ payments.

With their migration to MAX came access to a much larger demand pool, facilitated in a major way by AppLovin’s premium demand sources, AppDiscovery and ALX, the world’s largest RTB exchange with over 100+ DSPs.

AppLovin’s exclusive demand, alongside their traditional partners and many other networks and buyers clamoring for their ad inventory, drove a higher price for high-priority placements. The outcome showed in Audiomack’s immediate 25% increase in ARPDAU, as well as the over 45% increase in IMP/DAU that followed behind, with a massive potential for more ARPDAU increases in the future.

Make your mobile monetization strategy succeed

AppLovin’s automated ad monetization and smart user acquisition solutions are designed to help you iterate and launch your monetization strategy quickly and confidently, and they are creating real results like those above for mobile businesses. MAX and AppDiscovery help app developers achieve 360° of growth for their apps. Become the next monetization strategy success story. We’re here to help.

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