Ancient Battle: Lion Studios Launches New Game in the Hybrid-Casual Genre

Amy Choi
Oct 13, 2020

Ancient Battle is here! 

Competitive players can recruit troops, level up their gear, and dominate opponents in this fast-paced battler. 

Ancient Battle and hybrid-casual

Ancient Battle, which was co-developed by AppLovin’s Lion Studios and Mandrill VR, expands into the new genre of hybrid-casual mobile games. The term is similar to hyper-casual, which is a business model that focuses on very easy core gameplay. 

Hybrid-casual is a mobile game genre that combines the pick-up-and-play simplicity of hyper-casual titles with more sophisticated game features such as card-based upgrades, advanced equipment systems, and social features.

The genre evolved as developers began to diversify hyper-casual games and shifted their design mindset to appeal to a new segment of players. 

Lion Studios works with developers across many genres  and saw an exciting opportunity to make Ancient Battle a hybrid-casual success

Nicholas Le, President of Lion Studios, explained, “We’re constantly pushing the boundaries, whether it’s crafting new genres or blending elements of hyper-casual and mid-core gameplay. Ancient Battle is a testament to our team’s innovative spirit and ability to execute on a project of this scope efficiently.”

How to play Ancient Battle 

In this unique battle simulation that combines strategy tactics with hybrid-casual mobile game mechanics, players can: 

  • Recruit soldiers and assemble an army of troops
  • Discover new lands, spells, and weapons
  • Collect gold, gems, and cards and open valuable chests
  • Conquer global leaderboards and see how they stack up against the competition

With each victory, players rise through the ranks and face stronger opponents. Players will need to collect resources and level up their armies to make it to the top! 

Rise to the top with Lion Studios

Lion Studios is the publisher behind hit hyper-casual games Save The Girl, Mr. Bullet, Slap Kings, and Ink Inc. The studio’s capabilities to meet the needs of developers of all sizes have grown and evolved—especially with the launch of Ancient Battle. 

Since March 2018, Lion Studios has helped drive 15 games to no. 1 in the U.S. App Store’s Top Free chart.

Let the battle begin on iOS and Android

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