Developers Moving to MAX: New Analytics Features You Need to Know About

Idil Canal
Dec 30, 2021

No matter what kind of monetization model you’re using, collecting and analyzing granular and accurate data is critical to understanding and optimizing your revenue generation — and the MAX SDK provides robust analytics features that provide this data and more.   

Real-Time Mediation and Programmatic Exchange Analytics 

First, MAX’s robust mediation analytics features enable you to make accurate assessments and data-driven decisions for your campaigns. Broadly speaking, these analytics enable you to:

  • Track estimated revenue for all demand sources 
  • Review accurate revenue for supported networks
  • Review performance for all demand sources 

Impression-Level Revenue 

No matter what kind of monetization model you are using, granular and accurate impression-level data is vital to understanding the cost to acquire new users and the revenue generated by each user. AppLovin APIs allow you download user events and access the following impression level data: 

  • User Revenue API — This API retrieves user-level revenue data on a daily basis and  may provide better estimates for bidders that do not provide precise bid level data. You can retrieve this data aggregated for a particular user or with one row per impression, and data is available eight hours after UTC day end. You can share user-level and impression-level ad revenue data with your mobile measurement partner of choice or your own analytics tools. Read more about User Revenue API 
  • Client-Side — You can also access impression-level user revenue data on the client side in real-time. This feature also supports SKAN (SKAdNetwork attribution), Apple’s framework for attributing an app install to a specific ad campaign without IDFA while maintaining user privacy. You can find integration instructions in the MAX documentation for iOS, Android, and Unity, under Advanced Settings. MMPs who want to access this data should reference the instructions provided at the Impression-Level User Revenue API for MMPs page.
  • Server-to-Server — The MAX S2S Impression Revenue API enables you to access real-time revenue data on the server side. To use it, you can add an impression postback to track impression-level user ad revenue data in the MAX dashboard . AppLovin can send (HTTP or HTTPS) GET requests from its servers to an external endpoint that you define, when a MAX impression is recorded. AppLovin makes these postbacks soon after the impression, but they may be delayed by up to a few minutes. Please contact your account team or the support team to enable this feature.

    Tip: You can use an impression timestamp macro to reconcile any delay between the impression and the postback times. Learn more about Server-to-Server Impression Revenue API.

Creative ID Support
With Creative ID support, you can expose comprehensive ad information, such as the creative ID and the network name of displayed ads from MAX mediated apps, and use the information to identify problematic ads. To do this, you will need to incorporate the creative debugger into your test environments, QA processes, and support ticket systems. Alternatively, you can also use the MAX SDK to retrieve the Creative ID. 

Start your migration to MAX now, and visit our features chart which demonstrates the unparalleled power of this unified MoPub + MAX  platform. AppLovin and MoPub teams are standing to make this as seamless a transition as possible. Please contact us with any questions.

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