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AI in Ad Production Webinar: Uplevelling Creative Processes with AI

Jun 5, 2024
SparkLabs Coffee & Creative Webinar: AI in Ad Production

The first webinar of our Coffee + Creatives series, AI in Ad Production, is live! In it, the team at SparkLabs shares their comprehensive journey of integrating AI tools into their creative processes. Jessica Dolan, Mike Cruz, and Jaden Cheng of SparkLabs explain their phased approach, starting from initial exploration to full integration of AI into their workflows. By sharing their experiences, challenges, and key learnings, the team provides valuable insights for anyone looking to leverage AI in their team’s creative processes.

Watch this snippet from the webinar!

The webinar kicks off with a look at the team’s initial experiments with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, and DALL-E. A task force of early adopters was formed, researching and testing over 50 AI tools to understand their potential and relevance. At that point, it was evident that there were potential applications for AI at SparkLabs, particularly in streamlining tasks like ideation, script writing, and visual concepting. 

As the team guides you through their process from exploration to execution, they showcase successful AI-generated ads and discuss the importance of mastering tool syntax and leveraging online resources. They also share the importance of fostering an AI-friendly culture and encouraging team-wide experimentation, particularly as AI tools become integral to their production process.

The webinar explains how (and why) the SparkLabs team organized events to facilitate low-pressure experimentation and collaboration, helping to integrate AI seamlessly into their workflows. Throughout, they emphasize the importance of adaptability as AI tools rapidly evolve, as well as the continued need for human creativity. 

To gain a deeper understanding of how SparkLabs has successfully integrated AI into its creative processes and practical insights for your own AI journey, pour yourself a coffee, grab a notebook, and register to watch the full webinar.

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