How to Build Superior User Experience with MAX’s Ad Review

May 17, 2022

A single, malicious ad creative can sabotage app monetization, accelerate user churn, and cause negative reviews to pile up. Developers armed with the right solution, however, can gain insight into their users’ ad journey and protect the user experience with their app. MAX’s Ad Review does exactly this—helping developers automatically detect, monitor, and prevent user churn to protect their brand. 

Automatically detect & identify risky content

Ad Review can automatically detect ad content running in your apps, enabling you to quickly catch risky and malicious content. Because different developers will define what is considered risky differently, Ad Review allows you to define your own parameters used to identify and flag ads. 

Configuring MAX Ad Review

  1. In the MAX main menu, under Ad Review, select Risky Content Settings
  2. On the Risky Content Preferences tab, you can select predefined types of content considered risky from the list of categories (e.g. adult, violence, politics, gambling, etc.). 
  3. In the MAX main menu, under Ad Review, select Risky Content to see the creatives that were flagged.

Don’t know which categories to pick? Ad Review will automatically flag risky content to get you started without initial settings, and you can later customize and update your selection when you’re ready. You can also create your own custom rules: From the Risky Content Settings page, select the Risky Content Rules tab to get started.

Efficiently monitor, review, & identify risky content

Ad Review provides full transparency into the ads served in your app, reporting characteristics such as advertiser, DSP, creative ID, and geo, for example. You can use this information to review the quality of ads running in your apps as well as gather market intelligence. 

Identify bad creatives
With little or no information, it can be nearly impossible to find a problematic ad when complaints start coming in. Do you have a screenshot from your users and need to know exactly which network and creative ID were shown? Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you’re using the latest SDK (update, if necessary).
  2. Enable the Creative Debugger feature to report creative issues with extensive details, in real-time, with a quick gesture: While the ad is playing, flip the device screen down two times, and then tap the AppLovin logo to identify the ad.

Flip the device screen down two times while the ad is playing. Then tap the AppLovin logo and identify the ad.

If you want to use this information in your app’s support flow, then update your MAX and mediated network SDKs to the latest version. Then you’ll be able to access the creative ID and network name for all ad impressions

Get competitive intel
Staying ahead of the competition takes extensive time and effort, especially in ever-increasingly crowded app stores. Here are more ways Ad Review can help you monitor the competition: 

  1. Set up customized rules to automatically catch and monitor what competitors are running in their apps, in real time. 
  2. Gather intel on the latest creative designs and concepts to achieve and maintain a high IPM for sustained profitability.

Protect your brand

The biggest advertisers running ads in your apps could be anyone — a competitor, a clone of your app, or a competing developer testing out a new creative to drive a higher IPM. Each of these scenarios can cause churn.

Report problematic ads

Developers of all types and sizes — from indies and IAP-focused apps, to the largest publishing houses — can use MAX Ad Review to protect their brand, maximize ad revenue, and grow their business—all in one platform.

From the MAX dashboard, you can quickly report problematic ad creatives to network partners with the relevant info, and catching problematic ads and competitors in real time gives you an edge against the competition, protecting your brand and your users. 

Ad Review builds innovative, developer-centric features that protect and further enhance the superior user experience that all developers strive for. Whether it’s unexpected crashes or ads that steal users away from the app, Ad Review will continue to focus on improving and making the work easier for developers. 

Get started with Ad Review.

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