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#SHIPPED: Product Updates Driving Mobile App Growth

by AppLovin on Jul 18, 2023

Want to drive stronger mobile app growth? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

#SHIPPED is our quarterly series where we share the latest product updates that help accelerate your app business and fuel your mobile app growth strategy. Whether you’re a developer looking to earn more for your ad inventory and save time doing it, or a marketer wanting to optimize user growth and maximize ROI, we have the tools for you to take your efforts to the next level.

So, let’s dive into our MAX (mobile app monetization) and AppDiscovery (mobile user acquisition) solutions, and see what’s #SHIPPED!

Q2 – 2023

AppDiscovery & MAXDashboard homepage
Update: the AppLovin dashboard now has a homepage
Quickly recognize trends and identify opportunities to optimize and grow both UA and monetization.Compare data across custom time periods.
AppDiscoveryCTV Advertising
Update: CTV performance advertising campaigns now available on AppDiscovery
Extend mobile UA campaigns to CTV to efficiently reach more users with measurable results.
MAXGoogle Bidding
Update: Google Bidding now available to all MAX publishers
Improve ad revenue with real-time demand from Google.
MAXA/B Test Wizard
Update: A/B test wizard for Google Bidding launched
Find the best way to implement Google Bidding in your monetization. 
MAXAd Review
Update: MREC support in Ad Review expanded to AdMob and InMobi
Ensure brand-safe MRECs for more ad networks.
MAXMediation Debugger
Update: Improved functionality
Now supports multiple waterfalls per ad unit.
MAXNetwork ad format support
Update: More network demand for more ad formats
More ad formats supported means more opportunities for monetization.

See these features in action in the video below.

Q1 – 2023

MAXNew SDK Bidders
Updates: added support for MobileFuse and Ogury 
Drive more competition for your impressions and earn more ad revenue.
MAXNative Ads 
Updates: added  support for Yandex and InMobi, added support for rendering star ratings
Increase demand from more sources for native ads and increase engagement and IPMs through improved creative UX.
AppDiscoveryCustom Product Pages/Custom Store Listings
Update: CPPs/CSLs now supported
Increase conversion rates with tailored app store pages.Identify best-performing messaging with our reporting API.
MAXA/B Test Results Page
Updates: new dashboard with top-line stats, trend visualizations, more filtering options, and ability to promote/deprecate tests directly 
Get granular insights with more filters such as country and network.Save time by promoting or deprecating tests directly from the results page.
MAXAd Review
Update: added support for MRECs
Ensure a brand-safe user experience across all major ad formats. 
MAXCreative Debugger
Updates: details for all ads from current user session, new support for MREC, Native, and Banner
Easily identify and report problematic ads and improve your in-app user experience across all major ad formats.

See these features in action in the video below.

We take a holistic approach to sustainable growth for your apps. AppLovin’s powerful full-stack solution includes user acquisition, monetization, measurement, brand safety tools, and creative services that support every function of the growth cycle.

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