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Top Developers Are Moving to MAX: This Features Checklist Explains Why

Daniel Tchernahovsky
Dec 16, 2021
MoPub-MAX Migration

The migration from MoPub to MAX, AppLovin’s leading monetization solution, is well underway. If you’re a developer using MoPub’s demand and supply-side features, you can check out our easy migration checklist to transition to MAX, where all your favorite features have already been integrated.

Migrate to MAX

Join all the developers already moving to MAX so you can take advantage of these new unified features to increase revenue, improve efficiency, and exceed demand for greater competition and massive supply.

Here’s a feature-by-feature comparison proving that MAX has the most comprehensive, powerful, and efficient integrated features available, along with some important dates for developer migration. (Click chart to enlarge.)

MoPub-MAX Feature Comparison Table

We’re here to make your transition as seamless as possible and please contact us with any questions. 

Migrate to MAX

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