Our Mission

Enable advertisers to make ROI-based marketing decisions and deliver relevant content on mobile.

Our marketing platform reaches new users and matches them with relevant brands - ensuring you reach the users that are likely to engage.

We deliver relevant content to over a billion mobile consumers every month. With AppLovin, advertisers attain their mobile marketing goals.

Over 2 billion users reached 200x per month
$20 ROAS for every $1 spent, advertisers see $20 return
Consumers 3x more likely to install if they see an AppLovin message
Measurable View detailed campaign results to make ROI based decisions
150+ Terabytes ad Requests per month
Millions of apps across the globe

Our Focus

Our product-first approach means we’ve created an algorithm that works more efficiently and effectively than our competitors’.
Adam Foroughi CEO and Co-Founder of AppLovin

Product First Approach

We focus on our product before all else. Our platform makes effective marketing decisions for more than one billion mobile users worldwide.

Innovation Is Key

We are always growing, iterating and becoming better. We believe in taking chances, coding quickly, breaking things, improving them and continuing to innovate at a rapid pace.

A Great Team

We believe we are always better as a whole. We work as one team, achieving our goals across our worldwide wide team and ensuring that our culture is one of excellence, camaraderie and awesomeness.

Our People

We are a self-funded, high growth company with team members around the world.

Since we launched in 2012, we’ve more than doubled our revenue and overall growth year over year! We are an amazing team of engineers, data scientists, product managers, designers, sales professionals, marketers, account managers, support specialists, and so much more.

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Work at AppLovin


Meet the people whose strategic guidance and invaluable support makes it possible to introduce this innovative mobile advertising platform to the marketplace.

  • Courtney Broadus Ex-SVP, Salesforce
  • Eduardo Vivas Founder Bright.com, Co-founder Social Hour
  • Jamie Knall Manager, Knall Capital Management
  • Jeff Karp Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer, EA and Zynga
  • John Burbank Founder, Passport Capital
  • John Danner Ex-Founder & CEO of NetGravity
  • John Schappert Ex-COO Electronic Arts & Zynga
  • Matt Carey Ex-CTO, eBay & Wal-Mart; Home Depot CIO
  • Mike Murphy Head of Sales at Yahoo & Facebook
  • Pejman Nozad Founding Partner, Pejman Mar Ventures
  • Rob Chesnut Ex-SVP, PayPal; SVP & GC, Chegg
  • Simon Jeffery Ex-COO & President, Sega America & Lucas Arts; Ex-CPO, NGMOCO
  • Suren Markosian Co-Founder, Crowdstar
  • Tien Tzuo Ex-CMO Salesforce; CEO, Zuora
  • Tony Nethercutt CRO, PlaceIQ. Ran sales at Admob
  • Ullas Naik Ex-Partner, Globespan Capital; Top rated Wall Street analyst
  • Webb Investment Network Seed Fund of Maynard Webb: Ex-COO, eBay; Ex-Board Member, Admob; On Board, Yahoo & Salesforce
  • Jim Jones Ex-US Regional VP, Yahoo and SVP Sales AppLovin
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