Create more value across your customers’ lifecycle

Build incremental revenue while connecting your customers with apps they’ll love.

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Array is a seamless, end-to-end app management suite that delivers more value for mobile operators and end users by tapping into AppLovin’s massive app ecosystem.


Partner with the industry leader in driving app installs

Unmatched marketplace scale

Maximize app installs by tapping into AppLovin’s unmatched access to 140K+ apps, and take advantage of $10B+ in cumulative spend on our network.

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Valuable app recommendations

AppLovin’s AI-based advertising engine boosts revenues by recommending apps that users will love, increasing advertiser performance and generating high payouts.

Strategic, high-impact placements

Deliver seamless and intriguing content throughout the device lifecycle.

Device unboxing

Connect consumers to apps they’ll love right out of the box, as a natural part of their new device setup.

On-going engagement

Encourage app discovery throughout the device lifecycle with periodic recommendations for premium mobile apps and games.

App Store discovery

Monetize high-intent users as they’re shopping for new apps. Array’s App Store is a white label opportunity, providing a new avenue to drive brand affinity and drive revenue.

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Deliver better user experiences

Connecting your customers to the apps they love drives your bottom line.


Simplify app downloads and purchases


Establish brand consistency and authority


Expand the number and quality of available apps


Leverage innovative and captivating app promotions


Delight users with a seamless, modern UI

Unlock incremental revenue from e-commerce transactions

Today’s mobile shoppers seek deals when shopping. Plus! allows you to monetize this trend through commissions from promoted savings.

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Discover how AppLovin’s massive app marketplace can drive better results for you.

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