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Fueled by performance-driven data

A powerful platform for CTV monetization, marketing, and distribution

Connect with high-value CTV audiences.

Premium CTV ad inventory monetization

Generate more revenue with your CTV ad supply by accessing the world’s largest network of streaming platforms and apps worldwide.

More viewers, less churn

Increase engagement with content to grow audiences and subscriptions, retain viewers, and measure ROAS.

Performance marketing data

Connect with high-value audiences with the only machine learning solution for CTV.

Unified global distribution

Launch and distribute streaming channels across the largest FAST network seamlessly.

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MAX - How it Works

“ContentDiscovery has been true to its name: We experienced almost immediate payback on our investment.”


Optimize your CTV monetization strategy

AdPool boosts your ad yield by pairing your impression opportunities with differentiated demand.

  • Access the media budgets of AppLovin’s mobile performance marketers
  • Translate content signals into targetable contextual segments for advertisers.
  • Optimize fill rates by maximizing backfill yield leaving no untapped revenue streams
Maximize your ad yield

Performance marketing

Attract, engage, and retain viewers at a massive scale

The most innovative tool to grow audiences, increase engagement, and reduce churn. ContentDiscovery is the only machine learning solution for CTV performance marketing.

  • Target the right viewers across CTV and mobile
  • Keep viewers engaged with targeted promos
  • Define campaign goals, grow, and measure ROI
Grow your CTV viewership


Globalize and monetize your CTV content

The world’s largest Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channel network. The easiest way to launch, host, schedule, and distribute your programming across thousands of global streaming channels.

  • Turnkey solution to quickly create and launch FAST channels
  • Secure global distribution of content on any streamer in Wurl’s worldwide network
  • Robust data offers insights to grow and retain audiences
Increase viewers and create more inventory

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