A comprehensive platform for your app.

We connect you with your ideal consumers around the globe.

Grow Your Business

AppLovin is the growth engine for your business. We help you boost your ROI and get results that drive your business forward.

Acquire More Users

Getting noticed by the right people is critical. Advertising with AppLovin helps your app get discovered, so you can grow your users at scale.

Build Your Revenue Base

More revenue helps you establish a sustainable business. AppLovin helps you monetize your apps and continually grow your earnings.

Maintain a Creative Edge

Fresh ideas and healthy competition make the entire industry better. With our platform, you can leverage creative content and custom ads that engage users and boost downloads.

User acquisition, revenue generation, creative services, and more.

All in one place.

With AppLovin’s comprehensive platform, you can market, grow, and even finance your app business. We provide the expertise and insights you need to build a thriving user base and break through the noise — all in one place.


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