Daily Yoga partnered with AppLovin and improved D0 ROAS by 62%.1

By partnering with AppLovin, Daily Yoga, a leading fitness and meditation platform, was able to sustainably expand their acquisition efforts globally and achieve 100% MoM growth.2


Fitness & Health

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Daily Yoga


Daily Yoga, is a popular yoga teaching platform that empowers users to stay healthy with on-the-go workouts and guided meditations. Their app is available on mobile phones, tablets, and TVs, and their classes serve over 60 million users across all skill levels. With the app, yogis can additionally track their progress, participate in Daily Yoga’s community, and enjoy a selection of peaceful and serene music.


Xi’an, China

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Daily Yoga

The Challenge

Daily Yoga needed a user acquisition partner that could help them profitably acquire new, high-value users in the post-iOS14 landscape

Following the release of Apple’s iOS14 update, Daily Yoga saw slowing user growth on their major UA channels and platforms, as well as challenges evaluating performance. To continue to scale profitably, and at their targeted pace, they needed to find a network that could identify and optimize toward quality iOS traffic. Since Daily Yoga monetizes via its premium subscription service, it’s critically important that they find audiences likely to become subscribers.

The Solution

Daily Yoga found high-quality users and scale on iOS with AppDiscovery

Recommended through word of mouth, Daily Yoga began advertising on AppDiscovery. AppDiscovery’s powerful machine learning technology allowed Daily Yoga to optimize toward their most valuable downfunnel event, subscriptions, despite iOS challenges. By acquiring subscribers at a profitable, stable price point, Daily Yoga has been able to reach new performance heights and sustainable scale.

The Results

Not only did AppLovin’s market-leading software allow Daily Yoga to achieve higher traffic-volume, subscription growth, and reach new, untapped markets across the globe, they were also able to gain full control and visibility into its UA profitability.

Results stats
Using AppDiscovery’s CPP campaigns, Daily Yoga was able to optimize user acquisition for subscribers and improved D0 ROAS on AppLovin by 62%, which boosted overall app D0 ROAS by 24%.2 This sustainable growth helped rise their US Health and Fitness rating to No. 16 on iOS.4

In Summary

Global reach from China base

AppDiscovery’s powerful user acquisition solution enabled Daily Yoga to rapidly target and acquire new high-value users, and rise to No.16 of Health and Fitness apps on iOS in the United States. 4

Greater iOS performance through advanced automation

AppLovin’s high-quality iOS traffic and attribution allowed automation to continuously double the number mobile installs, while providing total control over performance.

AppLovin allowed us to grow our global scale and boost our marketing returns on iOS.

Working with AppLovin brought new momentum to our customer acquisition efforts. Their valuable support helped us find balance in scale, profitability, and long-term success. Since joining, we’ve achieved a 62% D0 ROAS increase on AppLovin and doubled our month-over-month user growth.1

Stella Zhou
Director of Daily Yoga, International Business

1AppLovin Platform, April 2022 to July 2022 (MoM)
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4Appstore rank in July 2022

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