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Unmatched creative design expertise

High-performing ads require captivating design, quality production, and data insights. SparkLabs’ creative experts utilize the latest AI advancements and deliver novel, top-quality ads to our customers at no additional charge.

Playable Ads

Interactive ads allow users to demo the app

  • Direct app engagement inspires downloads
  • Conversion rates increase
  • SparkLabs playable ads lift IPMs an average of 250%
  • Fast 2-week production timeline

See how Unico boosted installs 230%

Video Ads

Motion ads showcase the in-app experience

  • Motion, sight, and sound captures attention
  • In-app rewards drive engagement
  • Video ads lift IPMs an average of 200%
  • Video editing and production for live action, 2D or CG animation

See how MadBox scaled their game portfolio

Connected TV Ads

Live action videos + 2D or CG animation for CTV 

  • Full-scale ad production for both animated and live action capabilities
  • 300M+ connected devices on hundreds of FAST apps for 3,000+ channels
  • Accelerated production timelines

Display Ads

Simple graphic static or animated ads

  • High-quality banners, natives, and interstitial visuals
  • Engaging copy and visuals can be highly effective in increasing campaign performance


ASO Expertise Boosts Performance

SparkLabs applies App Store Optimization (ASO) expertise and advanced AI to amplify your visibility within app stores and maximize conversion rates.


SparkLabs tracks industry trends to ensure our ads have the greatest impact to drive results

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Our customer results speak volumes



increased IPM resulted in reaching the #1 spot in the App Store


increased install rate boosted install volume by 230%


increased conversion rate resulted in reaching the #1 spot on Google Play

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