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We are a group of experienced designers, developers, and gamers who solve complex problems. We identify creative strategies and follow the data to get you ads that drive the results you’ve been dreaming about.

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Our unmatched creative expertise fuels the right solution for you.

We Are Results-Driven

Sure beautiful art matters, it’s what we think about all day. But we’ve been in this business long enough to know the data will tell us what really works. Our high-quality, high-performing ads exceed industry standards.

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We Move Fast and Deliver High Quality

Speed is our middle name. We’ve built a platform and a team that can keep up with the fast pace that this industry demands while still delivering high-quality ads that showcase your brand in creative and engaging ways.

We Define the Next Trend

The market and technology are always evolving. We are agile to stay ahead of the curve. Our DNA is to test, push, and BREAK boundaries to engage players with new experiences.


We take time to understand your goals, challenges, and learnings. This will fuel the right creative strategy for you.


Applying our creative expertise and performance marketing mindset, we ideate and build a storyboard with your goals in mind.

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We expertly illustrate, animate, and code to bring your ad to life!

A/B Test

Performance is what matters. Once the creative is live, we measure install volume, click-through rates, conversion rates, and user quality.

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Continuous testing and optimizing is essential. We invest resources to iterate and optimize your creative strategy.

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A/B Test


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Creative Trends Report 2023

Explore the latest trends and best practices for performance-driven mobile ads from the creative experts at SparkLabs.

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Top Performing Ad Types


Board Kings playable ad

Playable ads are interactive and allow users to engage with part of a game. With the ability to directly experience a product before downloading, playables are highly effective at increasing conversion rates and user quality.

Playable ads can increase IPMs by 200%+

See how Unico increased installs meaningfully through top-performing playables.

By trying different creative strategies, Unico was able to identify and scale the highest performing creatives to successfully launch and grow their game, Brain Test.

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Video ads are effective in keeping players engaged. They convey more information in a short period of time through motion, sight, and sound. Rewarded video is a specific type of ad where players can choose to watch a video in exchange for a reward they value - usually an extra life, in-game currency, or another form of premium content.

High-performing video ads can increase IPMs by 250%+.

See how MadBox scaled their game portfolio through video and playable creative optimization.

MadBox increases UA spend and jumps to #1 in App Store Games across 14 countries.

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Display ads are graphic static or animated ads. They can drive users to download through high-quality visuals and can be created in a variety of sizes including: Banners, Natives, and Interstitials.

While occupying less real estate than playable or video ads, banner ads with engaging copy and visuals can be highly effective in increasing campaign performance.

Vizor Marketing Team
With the new playable ads created by the SparkLabs team, we have seen better conversion rates than ever before and were able to lower our bids while increasing spend.

It’s a challenge to break into the top games, so we needed to be efficient and mindful of key KPIs like cost per install and install per mille to give us an edge above the competition.

Erkay Uzun, Co-Founder

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