Success Story

MadBox reaches #1 in App Store Games across 14 countries


MadBox is an independent game development studio creating casual games for browser, social networks, and mobile platforms.


Paris, France


10-30 employees




MadBox entered the highly competitive casual games market with a strong games portfolio and was eager to rise in the charts as well as finance its growth.

Drove explosive growth in installs!
Drove explosive growth in installs! Stickman Hook playable ad


AppLovin worked closely with the MadBox team to scale its games portfolio.

We helped the team build a growth strategy across the board. Through retention testing, Stickman Hook was immediately identified as a big hit, and a program was built out that led to international growth. The game reached Top 10 in 59 countries, Top 5 in 42 countries, and #1 in 14 countries in the App Store Top Games charts.

MadBox also needed to monetize its games in order to fuel user acquisition. AppLovin developed a strategy for monetization that included optimizing its waterfall setup and utilized its creative team to test a variety of playable and video creatives to boost installs. Plus, the MadBox team joined AppLovin onsite for launch.

The Results

Madbox results stats
MadBox Team
Stickman Hook took off thanks to AppLovin, especially as we prepared for launch. Their expertise enabled the growth that propelled us to the top of the App Store in more than 50 countries in just a few days!

Maxime Demeure
MadBox Co-founder & COO

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