About us

AppLovin helps mobile game developers of all sizes break through the noise and grow their businesses.

Our Mission

Designing, building, and operating the fabric that connects game developers of all sizes with their ideal consumers around the globe.

Our Promise

We provide the one place mobile game developers can go to find all the tools they need to create great apps, get them discovered, and build a sustainable business.

Our Foundation

We are a company that values equality, efficiency, expertise, and edge. When mobile game developers succeed, so do we.


We believe our company works best as a whole. We work collaboratively to achieve our goals across our worldwide team and ensure that our culture is one of excellence, camaraderie, and awesomeness.

Meet our Leadership Team

AppLovin is a self-funded, high-growth company with team members around the world.

Since we launched in 2012, we’ve more than doubled our revenue and overall growth year over year. We’ve built an amazing team of engineers, product managers, designers, sales professionals, marketers, account managers, support specialists, and so much more.

More Behind the Scenes

Visit Our Dublin Office

AppLovin has two offices in Europe: Dublin (HQ) & Berlin. We have a large and dynamic workforce and are looking to grow the team with the right people.

Visit AppLovin’s Tokyo Office

AppLovin Japan invites you to join our team of passionate mobile marketers in our Tokyo office as they power a mobile-first world.

Visit Our Beijing Office

We have offices all around the globe. Join our Beijing team as they give you a glimpse into a day at AppLovin in Beijing.

Meet Anusha

She’s our Sr. Software Engineer with a big heart for volunteering as a rescue dog trainer in her spare time.

Meet Kyler

He leads a team that takes care of our customers, while also filling our bellies with his delicious bread.

Meet Carolyn

Carolyn assembles beautiful terrariums to share with her co-workers and reflects on how generosity and appreciation are part of our office culture.

Meet Basil

Ever wonder how to build a wine collection? Basil shares his tips for how use a spreadsheet to integrate tried-and-true favorites with new vintages.

We’re growing. Want to help us accomplish our mission?

We’re looking for people defined by a drive to constantly push for more.

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