Brain Test reached the top of the charts with SparkLabs partnership

SparkLabs and Unico created top-performing playable ads for their game Brain Test, which boosted install volume by 230%.1



Marketing Objective

Creative Optimization

Brain Test



Unico is an international studio that makes casual, logic-based games.


Palo Alto, California

Company Size

15 employees



Brain Test


The Challenge

Unico’s nimble team needed a partner to create engaging ads that would convert well and scale so they can focus on building and improving new games.

Unico is small, and the creative team is often focused on game design and new features. As a result, Unico doesn’t have bandwidth to create, test, analyze, and iterate playable ads each week to keep their CPIs low and spend volume high.

The Solution

To achieve their goals, Unico turned to SparkLabs to optimize their growth strategy.

AppLovin’s SparkLabs created a top-performing playable for Unico, which ultimately had a large, positive impact on their bottom line. With the partnership of SparkLabs, Unico received data-driven, timely support, and feedback on every step of their creative journey.

The Results

Quality playable ads developed by SparkLabs boosted Unico’s install rates and doubled their install volume.1

Results stats
The SparkLabs team introduced Unico to user-level ad revenue attribution so their user acquisition teams were able to use data to optimize their campaigns at the source level.

In Summary

Revenue increase

With the expertise of SparkLabs, Unico was able to test and utilize new top-performing playables — doubling install volume and boosting install rates by 35%.1

Time saved

Unico spends less time developing creatives and managing campaigns, which allows the team to focus on improving gameplay, retention, and life-time value.

With the new playable ads created by the SparkLabs team, we have seen better conversion rates than ever before and were able to lower our bids while increasing spend.

It’s a challenge to break into the top games, so we needed to be efficient and mindful of key KPIs like cost per install and install per mille to give us an edge above the competition.

Erkay Uzun

1 AppLovin platform: February 1, 2020 - February 26, 2020

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