Tastypill’s Bottle Flip 3D climbs to No. 1 Spot With SparkLabs1

Tastypill partners with AppLovin’s SparkLabs to create high performing video and playable creatives, which catapults Bottle Flip 3D and Sling Drift to the no. 1 spot in the App Store.1



Marketing Objective

Creative Optimization

Bottle Flip 3D



Tastypill is a mobile game publisher with 500 million downloads.3 They work with world-class developers to bring exciting new games to market.


Atlanta, Georgia

Company Size

15 employees



Bottle Flip 3D


The Challenge

Tastypill needed a partner to develop high-quality creatives to succeed in the competitive hyper-casual space and top the charts

In order to successfully scale new titles, Tastypill needed a variety of creatives, especially playable ads, to deduce which ones yielded the strongest conversions. Playable ad creation tends to be a time-consuming process and often requires a dedicated team of experts to execute thoughtfully and quickly. Tastypill, which is a smaller studio, turned to SparkLabs to get this done efficiently. The result? Multiple no. 1 hit games on the App Store.3

The Solution

Tastypill partners with SparkLabs to quickly build a variety of engaging playables and video ads

Tastypill’s partnership with SparkLabs is a data-driven approach to launching new games. Because SparkLabs build a variety of playable video ads quickly, Tastypill are able to test and understand which creatives perform best. This ensures they are prepared for new title launches, which saves them time and money by maximizing their ROI from top creatives. Ultimately, it means they are able to scale and reach no. 1 quickly.3

“SparkLabs make some good-looking creatives and really help us prepare for our soft launches.”
- Aaron Feliciano, CTO & Co-Founder of Tastypill

The Results

By partnering with SparkLabs to test different creative video ads, Tastypill’s games see significant jumps after launch. Sling Drift and Bottle Flip 3D reach no. 1 on the App Store.4 Bottle Flip 3D experienced:

Results stats
“SparkLabs really help us with our marketability testing for new ideas, prototypes, and gauging marketability. During the soft launch process, SparkLabs are amazing at switching out creatives, testing new ones, and optimizing to find the best ones for our actual launch.”
Aaron Feliciano
CTO & Co-Founder of Tastypill

In Summary

Creative Expertise

SparkLabs' dedicated team of creative experts bring their marketing expertise to produce high performing video and playable creatives that help Tastypill launch several games that reach no. 1 in the App Store.3

Increased Efficiencies

By working with SparkLabs, Tastypill are able to focus valuable in-house resources on improving game development and scaling their games effectively. High-quality creatives made by SparkLabs result in growth for their overall business.

We are really impressed by the creatives SparkLabs made for Sling Drift, which was our first number one game. We had a string of hits afterwards—SparkLabs definitely make some good-looking creatives for us!

Phillip Kung
CEO & Co-Founder

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