Experian profitably scaled their high-quality user base

AppDiscovery connected Experian to their ideal consumers across a vast network of popular mobile apps.



Marketing Objective

User Acquisition



Experian is a leading data analytics and credit reporting company with a mission to improve financial inclusion. Experian’s services empower individuals to better understand and take control of their finances.


Costa Mesa, CA

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The Challenge

Acquire new mobile users while ensuring brand safety

Experian’s mobile app plays a strategic role in expanding their opportunity to connect with consumers. To capitalize on this, they were looking for new ways to grow their app. Their marketing strategy has traditionally focused on search, social, and TV ads, but recognizing the large proportion of time consumers spend on mobile apps, Experian was interested in in-app advertising.

Experian needed a growth partner that would provide audience scale and ensure a positive brand experience. As a financial services company, Experian places considerable importance on brand safety.

The Solution

AppDiscovery delivered Experian’s ideal users with AI-powered targeting

Newly registered users of the Experian app have a high likelihood of utilizing Experian services long-term — particularly services that are accessed via paid subscription. Because registering for an account is a strong signal of the value a user will deliver, the cost associated with this action is a key metric Experian uses to evaluate the efficiency of UA channels.

Experian used AppDiscovery to launch a Cost Per Event (CPE) campaign optimized for new registrations at their target cost. The campaign ran 30-second full-screen video ads in popular mobile apps with massive, engaged audiences. This video ad format enabled Experian to showcase their services and maximized brand safety through a full-screen takeover of the app. The risk of unsuitable content appearing before or after Experian’s ads was also low; AppDiscovery’s network of apps undergo strict review by the App Stores and include virtually no user-generated content.

Once the campaign launched, AppDiscovery’s AI-based advertising engine quickly optimized to target users likely to register for an Experian account.

The Results

Experian found a vast source of high-quality users

Results stats
Soon after launching, Experian’s CPE campaign attracted a large number of new user registrations. As AppDiscovery’s AI algorithms learned to pinpoint these users accurately, the cost per registration decreased. Within the first month, Experian was consistently achieving their CPE goal.3

With the ability to acquire new users so efficiently, Experian more than tripled their weekly spend on the platform. This increased their scale without compromising their cost goals. As a result, AppDiscovery became one of Experian’s leading UA channels for their mobile app.

In Summary

Tapped into significant new scale

AppDiscovery enabled Experian to access a vast audience of high-quality users, and quickly became responsible for over a third of the Experian app’s new install volume from programmatic sources.

Targeted quality users in a brand-safe environment

Experian ensured brand safety by running full-screen video ads — with 100% on-screen SOV — across popular apps. AppDiscovery’s AI accurately targeted Experian’s ideal users, and the CPE campaign consistently achieved cost goals.

AppDiscovery is central to our growth strategy.

We’ve found substantial scale in a short period of time with AppDiscovery, which is now one of our largest sources of high-value users for our mobile app. Moreover, we can rest assured that our ads appear in contexts that align with our brand. We’re excited to expand our partnership with AppLovin and explore new areas such as creative optimization.

Greg Rossi
Director of Integrated Marketing

1AppLovin: Jan 15–21 to Mar 25–31, 2024
2AppLovin True SOV: Mar 18–Apr 18, 2024
3AppLovin: Jan 15–21 to Jan 29–Feb 4, 2024

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