Legend of Slime improved its scale and profits and rocketed up the charts after launch

AppLovin helped LoadComplete exceed campaign performance goals and scale revenue rapidly. This allowed them to uncap their UA budget and catapult their game Legend of Slime, to the #1 spot on the free games chart.1



Marketing Objective

360 Approach

Legend of Slime



LoadComplete is a global mobile games developer on a mission to deliver fun and unique experiences to its users. LoadComplete has a portfolio of over 25 games, including popular titles such as Crusaders Quest, Tap Tap Heroes, Disco Panda, FisherCat, and Merge Tactics.



Company Size




Legend of Slime


The Challenge

LoadComplete needed an integrated solution to help them maximize Legend of Slime’s revenue and growth after launch

Upon releasing Legend of Slime in June 2022, LoadComplete needed to get the app off the ground as quickly as possible with optimal strategies for monetization and user acquisition.

Low-effort, high-impact ad monetization
With more than 80% of their title’s revenue tied to in-app purchases, it was important that in-app advertising efforts were complimentary. They needed to unlock the potential of this revenue stream while using minimal development resources and preserving a great user experience.

High-value user acquisition at scale
LoadComlpete aimed to hit a specific D30 ROAS goal but had been previously running CPI campaigns on other platforms with variable results. They needed a growth solution that optimized campaigns toward their optimal ROAS target. As a primarily purchase-based mobile app, this meant finding new, unique users likely to make in-app purchases at the best possible price for Load Complete.

The Solution

LoadComplete leveraged AppLovin’s 360-growth suite to achieve premium results with minimal resources

Using MAX, LoadComplete was able to tap into AppLovin’s industry-leading pool of networks and bidders through a single unified auction. By leaning into a bidding-forward approach and leveraging tools for automating CPM updates to their traditional networks, LoadComplete drove industry-high CPMs for their ad inventory without straining their development team.

On the growth end, AppDiscovery’s Cost-Per-Purchase campaigns empowered LoadComplete to optimize toward their ROAS target at tremendous scale by finding in-app purchasers at their ideal cost. Complimentary playable ads, produced by SparkLabs, AppLovin’s in-house creative agency, dramatically leveled up Legend of Slime’s conversion rates and drove further improvements to their ROAS.

The Results

Optimizations to Legend of Slime’s ad monetization strategy, including adding new bidding networks and A/B testing waterfall configurations, resulted in an overall eCPM lift of 12%, with the eCPM of one ad unit rising more than 40%.2

Results stats
High-value user acquisition allowed LoadComplete to hit their ROAS targets and scale spending by more than 36X.4 AppDiscovery’s powerful machine-learning engine successfully found quality users who loved the app and became purchasers. As a result, D7 retention increased by 89% over the same period.

In Summary

AppDiscovery became LoadComplete’s top-performing UA channel

Month over month, LoadComplete hit or exceeded their target ROAS goal, allowing them to continue to invest in user acquisition and scale their app.

SparkLabs creatives increased CR by 3X5

Custom playable ads created by SparkLabs increased conversion rates and provided LoadComplete with another lever for growing ROAS.

We never imagined a single platform could deliver so much scale.

Not only did AppDiscovery help us find massive new audiences, these audiences exceeded our profitability targets. This allowed us to uncap our UA budget and start climbing the charts months after launching. Now we funnel a huge portion of our advertising spend through the platform.

Jeong Hyun Bae
CEO, LoadComplete

1SensorTower: January 11-13, 2023
2AppLovin, Android: July 2022 to Jan 2023
3AppLovin, Android: October 2022 to January 2023
4AppLovin, iOS: September, 2022 to January, 2023
5AppLovin, iOS & Android: December 1, 2022 to December 16, 2022

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