With MAX’s advanced optimizations, GMO TownWiFi Inc saw an 8X ARPDAU increase1

In search of a mediation solution, GMO TownWiFi selected MAX to take their monetization strategy to the next level without straining their small team. With AppLovin’s powerful suite of tools and the right mix of high value bidders, the TownWifi app increased its eCPM by more than 60%.2



Marketing Objective





TownWiFi by GMO is a Japanese mobile app that automates WiFi connectivity to over 2 million free spots in Asia and the U.S.



Company Size






The Challenge

Maximize ad revenue while minimizing internal resources and protecting its brand experience

Incremental ad revenue: The company was looking for a way to maximize ad revenue for the TownWifi app while minimizing the development resources associated with the operational effort required to drive incremental revenue from segmented waterfalls and tailored demand configurations.

Brand experience: Protecting the user experience with appropriate and high quality ads is critically important to GMO TownWifi because its app is used by all ages.

The Solution

GMO TownWifi selected MAX for its leading buyer network, brand safety features, and tools for advanced optimizations.

Incremental ad revenue: Once on MAX, GMO TownWifi was able to activate new high value bidding networks in a unified auction alongside AppLovin’s AppDiscovery and programmatic brand demand coming from ALX, which contributed to a 60% eCPM2 lift and 8x increase in ARPDAU.1 The AppLovin team also helped identify an opportunity to add a new ad format — MREC — and create an additional stream of revenue.

Brand experience: AppLovin’s Ad Review solution improved the user experience by allowing GMO TownWifi to see the ads being served on their app and detect or block ads that violated their custom rules.

The Results

GMO TownWifi monetized their TownWiFi app with MAX and drove significant revenue gains with advanced optimizations and new ad formats

Results stats
AppLovin’s guidance on the right mix of high value bidders in their monetization stack and A/B testing to optimize waterfall configurations helped drive competition for each impression and earn GMO TownWifi more money.

By recommending new ad units, GMO TownWifi tapped even more ad revenue opportunities, with one ad unit’s CPM increasing by +200%.3

In Summary

Increased ad revenue

MAX helped GMO TownWifi get the right high value bidders in their stack to increase competition and maximize ad unit performance that drove an 8x increase in ARPDAU.1

Protected brand experience

With MAX’s ad review and QA capabilities, GMO TownWifi improved user experience by blocking bad ads and ensuring a seamless display.

Optimized monetization, improved user experience

With AppLovin, we found a partner that’s really invested in our success. Their tools and guidance for driving optimizations via A/B tests for new networks and segments allowed us to significantly increase our ARPDAU and grow our bottom line, while still preserving a great experience for our users.

Kentaro Yamamoto
General Manager, Service Planning Dept.

1AppLovin Platform - August 2021 - March 2022
2AppLovin Platform - July 2021 - September 2021
3AppLovin Platform - August 2021 - September 2021

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