Our technology delivers
higher ad revenues

Your ad revenues depend on how well the underlying technology serves your users. That's what sets AppLovin apart. Our marketing platform and advanced optimization algorithms deliver real results. This means more revenue for you.

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Start earning more

and get paid faster

AppLovin delivers profitable results for its advertisers — that means higher revenues for you. We work with top brands and publishers around the world, serving ads at a massive and global scale to maximize your earnings. Plus you get paid faster because we pay 15 days after each month.

Use all major ad formats

to optimize your revenue

Add any or all of the major ad formats - video, native, interstitial, and banner - to your app. Choose the mix that works best for your users to create an ideal experience - and optimize your revenues in the process.

Multiple platforms & easy integration

to delivery high quality ads

We work with developers across top-ranking iOS, Google and Amazon apps. With our lightweight SDK, you can monetize quickly with quality in-app ads in all major formats for mobile. You can even launch advertising campaigns to acquire new users.

Acquire new users

to increase your revenue

When you integrate our SDK you immediately have the ability to create and launch advertising campaigns. You get users at scale to meet your business goals. Learn more.

24/7 support & real time results

to know and support what’s working

Our reporting dashboard delivers a quick read of your top-line results. Dig deeper into our powerful, in-depth analytics to improve ad performance. Plus we offer end-to-end support 24/7.

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