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A seamless approach to affiliate marketing on mobile

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Reach a massive, engaged audience

Plus! delivers a convenient way for users to shop and activate rewards.

Tap into tremendous scale

Through exclusive partnerships with Android OEMs and carriers, Plus! comes preloaded on millions of devices globally.

tremendous scale

Attract and retain quality customers

Deliver rewards to an active user base of high-intent shoppers ready to score a deal.

Make it easy for your customers to shop and save

Drive more conversions and high-value orders with a mobile affiliate marketing solution that works for you and your customers.

Dual-platform support

Dual-platform support

Give shoppers the seamless experience they expect, wherever they are—in-app or on the web.

Simplified customer journeys

Simplified customer journeys

Targeted, relevant rewards and simple activation yield bigger orders.

Seamless purchase process

Seamless purchase process

Increase conversion rates with savings that don’t interrupt the purchase process.

Grow your impact with Plus!’s promotional opportunities

Promote your offers to 350K+ MAU with:

  • Curated shopping deals and recommendations
  • Timely deal notifications
  • A dedicated page for your brand’s offers

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Unlock your revenue potential while delighting your mobile shopping audience

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