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Our marketing platform lets you acquire new consumers at scale and make effective marketing decisions.

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Acquire new users

to expand your reach

Our platform allows you to acquire new users who are likely to download your app. Then we measure each campaign and continue to optimize to find many more new users.

App Marketing

for global reach

We work with advertisers and developers around the world so you can acquire new consumers in the geographic regions you want. We acquire these consumers at scale because our recommendation algorithms determine the most relevant apps for your ads, driving optimal installs.

Maximize your investment

to achieve your growth goals

Our algorithms select new users who are likely to download and then determine the right amount to bid for them. Our proprietary bid technology ensures that you will achieve your marketing goals.


to know and understand more

View and measure metrics in real-time. Our ROI-based analytics environment shows results for actions your new consumers take and optimizes against them to find more.

Create targeted ads

to reach the users you want

Optimize your campaign to find the ad format and message that allows you to acquire new, relevant users at scale. Learn more or sign up today.

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