Kikoff achieved profitable ROAS with AppDiscovery’s performance CTV campaigns

By extending their campaigns to CTV, Kikoff, a leading credit-building app, was able to deliver on down-funnel performance goals at their target install price.



Marketing Objective

User Acquisition



Kikoff is a financial service that helps users establish credit history and improve their credit scores by extending members an interest and fee-free credit line that supports low-credit utilization. Since the company’s founding in 2019, Kikoff has helped its members improve their credit scores by a total of 9.6M points and is now a top-rated app with more than 50k reviewers.


San Francisco, USA

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The Challenge

Kikoff needed a CTV advertising solution to provide strong reach to increase brand awareness and drive conversions at cost-effective ROAS

In the crowded credit-building market, competing for new and engaged users is challenging. While Kikoff found early success advertising on social media, they wanted to test CTV and in-app advertising to find new users and accelerate growth. Since most CTV ad buying happens on an impression (CPM) basis, Kikoff was concerned about achieving conversions at a reliable, sustainable price.

The Solution

Kikoff leveraged AppDiscovery’s CTV campaigns to scale users profitably

AppDiscovery’s performance-based (CPI) pricing allowed Kikoff to run CTV campaigns that acquired new users efficiently across highly relevant CTV sources. By connecting their MMP to AppDiscovery, Kikoff was able to confidently measure their CTV campaign alongside their other mobile performance campaigns.

The Results

Over the course of the campaign, AppLovin’s team of growth experts made continual source-level optimizations by removing low-install rate channels. These improvements have driven increasingly efficient CPE results and valuable learnings on top-performing CTV channels. Since finding success on this new channel, Kikoff has scaled their CTV budget by 6X.

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In Summary

Kikoff hit their ROAS targets with increasing efficiency

AppDiscovery’s install-based pricing allowed Kikoff to run CTV campaigns that were immediately profitable. As these campaigns progressed, source-level optimizations drove additional performance improvements.

CTV became a material part of their marketing strategy

Kikoff achieved their goals on CTV, encouraging them to scale spend on the channel by 6X.2 AppLovin’s massive CTV supply, spanning more than 3,000 channels, provides tremendous growth potential for the app.

We’re thrilled that AppDiscovery allows us to budget for CTV based on performance. This makes brand lift from impressions a bonus rather than a cost.

AppDiscovery’s CTV campaigns brought new momentum to our UA efforts. Not only do they allow us to further differentiate our offering in the marketplace by telling a more complete story, they also deliver on our UA performance goals. We’re excited about the continued partnership and growth potential.

Max Wang
Growth Marketing Manager

1AppLovin: CTV CPI campaign, February 20-26, 2023 to March 20-26, 2023
2AppLovin: CTV CPI campaign, February 20-26, 2023 to April 3-9 2023

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