What is Churn?

A “churned user” is a user who has stopped using an app. It can represent a user that has stopped using the app (i.e. no more sessions are recorded), or a user that has uninstalled the app from their device. Churn rate is the number of users that leave your app in a given period of time.

Why is churn rate important?

The rate of churn can help app developers determine if changes need to be made, such as improving UX, adding or changing features, or adjusting prices.

What are the benefits of measuring churn?

By identifying what is causing user churn, you can improve user retention and revenue. For some mobile apps, a high churn rate is generally accepted and even expected. Hyper-casual game companies, for example, tend to view high churn rate as an accepted part of their business strategy. Others, however, should measure churn and use it to help them ensure they are retaining users and maintaining profitability.

How do I measure user churn?

Churn can be measured by using metrics such as inactive users, retention rate, or uninstalls. However, while these metrics can give you an idea of how your app is performing, adding in-app event tracking will allow you to see exactly where in the lifecycle your users tend to churn — and it can help you identify specific areas where you can make improvements and reduce the churn rate.

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