Cost-Per-Event (CPE)

What is CPE?

In the realm of mobile advertising, CPE stands for “Cost Per Event.” It’s a pricing model where advertisers pay for a specific action or event a user completes after clicking on their mobile ad. Events can vary greatly depending on what the advertiser finds valuable and might include completing a game tutorial, making in-app purchases, registering a new account, and more.

Why is CPE important?

CPE (Cost Per Event) is a crucial metric for mobile advertisers because it offers a deeper insight into user behavior beyond mere clicks or views. By focusing on specific in-app actions and the associated costs, advertisers can align their campaigns with business goals, optimize spend, and ensure they’re paying for meaningful interactions. In essence, CPE allows advertisers to gauge their campaigns’ true value and ROI, helping them fine-tune strategies for better outcomes and reduced waste.

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