In-App Events

What are in-app events?

In-app events are any activity that a user takes after installing an app, like signing in or completing a level in a game. By tracking in-app events, developers will have a detailed overview of post-install activities inside their app.

Why is it important to track an in-app event?

A developer can gain valuable insights from in-app events, allowing them to continuously optimize their app — keeping users playing for longer and coming back for more.

Here are some examples of in-app events:

  • Registration
  • Opens
  • Purchases (IAP)
  • Completing a tutorial
  • Reaching a certain level
  • Social share

What are the benefits of tracking in-app events?

Improve your app: Understand your users, how they behave in your app, and what they want to deliver a more engaging experience.

Get the right users: By tracking purchases, revenue & average revenue per user (ARPU) rate, you can understand who your high-value users are and optimize your user acquisition (UA) campaigns to reach them.

Retain your users: Once you’re successfully getting the right users on your app — it’s time to figure out what makes them stay. Tracking initial registration, tutorial completion, and levels achieved will help you understand what makes them stay and optimize the areas where users are more likely to disengage.

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