What is Limit Ad Tracking (LAT)? 

Limit Ad Tracking, or LAT, has been around since 2016 with iOS 10. It was brought back into the spotlight after Apple announced the privacy changes on iOS 14. An iOS user can actively go to their settings, under privacy, and turn on LAT. When they do this, IDFA stops sharing their data with advertisers. 

Is LAT similar to ATT

LAT is fundamentally the same as ATT in that it gives users the option to restrict the sharing of their IDFA with third parties. ATT is replacing LAT from iOS 14.5 onwards and as opposed to giving users the option to turn off tracking, they will be required to opt-in and give consent to enable tracking. 

From an advertiser’s perspective, LAT and non-IDFA traffic from ATT are very similar cohorts in that they don’t have access to the IDFA to optimize and track campaigns. This has been helpful to allow developers to test non-IDFA audiences before the rollout of AppTrackingTransparency. 

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