Match Three Games

What are match three games?

Match three is a mobile game genre. Games in this genre refer to a classic game concept in which the player moves a series of tiles around in order to solve the puzzle board. The reason it has the number “three” in the name is due to the number of tiles that need to be matched up. They are also known as tile-matching games and have been around for many years. 

How do match three games work?

Match three games work by challenging the player to identify patterns on a board, for example. In order to advance in a match three game, players must match the same type of tiles so they line up in a limited number of moves. As the gameplay gets more difficult, players often have less moves to clear the board.

Common match three games may involve solving a puzzle and aligning the same color gems on a board, but not always. Match three games offer an array of different kinds of designs and concepts, including time-pressure, shooting, or hand-eye coordination games.

Example of match-three games: Matchington Mansion (Android | iOS) by Firecraft Studios and Sweet Escapes (Android | iOS) by Redemption Games

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