Mid-Core Games

What are mid-core games?

Mid-core games are more complex than hyper-casual and casual games, requiring players to make time to play, rather than playing opportunistically or sporadically. Mid-core games require skill and strategy to progress and as a result, require players to be more invested than a typical casual game. Mid-core games often feature multi-player experiences, side quests, and resource management, unlike casual games where your goal is to solve a puzzle or complete a repetitive action. 

Mid-core games often distill a hardcore game down to simpler elements in order to have a broader appeal. Think of a hardcore racing game on mobile distilled down to swipe gestures, which are far less punishing and easier to learn than motion controls. 

There are vast audiences for mid-core games as they have the ability to attract both casual and hardcore gamers. Casual gamers looking for more of a challenge will find mid-core games just complex enough to be satisfying but not so difficult to learn that it takes a lot of time to learn. Hardcore gamers may dip their toes into a mid-core game while they’re away from their console or PC where they carve out time to play skill-based shooters and role-playing games.

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