Mobile Game Monetization

What is mobile game monetization?

Mobile game monetization is the strategy and tactics game developers employ to generate revenue from their apps. 

When to consider monetization

Monetization should be considered at the earliest stage of game development — which will set you up for success and allow you to build the game from the ground up to generate revenue. Depending on the monetization model you choose, it can impact game layout, features, levels, and strategy. 

What are the main mobile game monetization models?

We see four main monetization models adopted by mobile game developers, and recently there has been a surge of developers using a combination of these models to increase revenue from their games. 

In-app advertising

Also known as the freemium model, this is focused on monetization through serving ads and getting paid every time a user clicks on one. Typically, these apps are free to download and serve ads to users throughout gameplay. 

In-app purchases

This model is focused on users purchasing items within the game: Upgrades, new characters, and exclusive levels are some of the most popular IAPs. 


This model has a user pay a fee to access specific content within the game for a certain period of time. Generally, on subscription models, users have full access to content and no ads.


This model consists of a one-off fee to own the game, and users can’t download until they pay. Popular with well-known and franchise games. 

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