OEM Advertising

What is OEM advertising?

OEM advertising is advertising that takes place on a mobile device through software that was preloaded on that device. Often, this software is installed before a device even leaves the factory, but it may also be installed during OS updates or in conjunction with other apps or updates.

This means that marketers can now advertise directly on devices either through direct partnerships or by working with OEM brand partners. 

Opportunities to leverage this type of advertising now occur at many touchpoints throughout the device lifecycle, from the first time it’s switched on to every time the software is updated to when  users proactively select certain options and settings.  

Why is OEM advertising important?

Reaching device users at pivotal moments (such as onboarding) allows for specific targeting based on device model and geographic location, as well as users’ voluntarily entered information such as age and gender. Further, this form of advertising – if done right – feels native, natural, and relevant, versus disruptive. Ultimately, this may mean that the apps users choose to download on this basis may be more likely to stand the test of time.

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