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AppLovin: How it Works

Our solutions elevate your app and help you earn more by leveraging machine learning and predictive algorithms.

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Get matched with the right users, scale globally, and provide a personalized experience.

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Maximize revenue from your apps

Our industry-leading monetization platform helps you earn more revenue and improve efficiency with an advanced feature set:

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Increase your ARPDAU

Our in-app bidding technology runs real-time competitive auctions with more bidding platforms competing for your inventory.

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Automate your monetization

Save countless hours of work with our tools that automatically manage optimization in real time.

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Protect your brand and user experience

We help provide a superior user experience by automatically flagging risky content to keep your brand safe.

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Utilize our powerful analytics

Our dashboard lets you understand the true, lifetime value for each user and maximize yield for each ad opportunity.

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Stickman Hook took off thanks to AppLovin, especially as we prepared for launch. Their expertise enabled the growth that propelled us to the top of the App Store in more than 50 countries in just a few days!

Maxime Demeure
Co-founder & COO

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Reach and Grow

Find the right users at scale

We use machine learning to match your apps with users who want to download and engage with them. Then, we deliver those users at scale. We enable you to:

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Exponentially grow your user base

Find a high volume of users that are likely to retain and engage, so you can increase your monetization opportunities.

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Find users at the right return for you

Receive the best value for each user through our real-time auction that optimizes based on your parameters.

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Reach your goals every time

Set your goals and target return and our algorithms adjust to meet them to ensure you are ROI positive on your campaigns.

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Locate your best users around the world

Access a massive global reach in the regions you want, plus recommended locations.

Jumpstart your growth

Attract the right users and expand your global reach.

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We connect with over 1.8 billion devices each month.

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We help thousands of mobile app developers around the world turn their apps into successful businesses.

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Mobile measurement & analytics

Adjust offers leading attribution, fraud prevention, and marketing automation solutions

Understand your users and their intent so you can make intelligent marketing and product decisions that boost conversion, retention, and lifetime value. Gain insight into how they arrived at your app and how they interact with it, giving you full transparency for your performance across multiple channels in one unified platform.

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You develop the game, we’ll handle the rest

Our publishing studio helps mobile game developers of all sizes grow their businesses. By financing and publishing games, we give you access to:

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Make the next hit

You focus on creating great games and we’ll handle the rest. We help finance, market, and monetize your games—taking them to the next level.

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Test and strategically iterate

We partner with you to try out new, creative ads and monetization strategies, while constantly looking for new ideas.

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An experienced and passionate team

Get strategic advice from our experts on how to grow your game and generate more revenue.

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Continued access to our resources

Gain access to our suite of online developer tools to improve and market your game.

Make chart-topping hit games.

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Make chart-topping hit games.

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