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Our data-driven platform allows you to monetize your games and earn more.

Automation reduces your workload and boosts efficiency.

Real-time results show you what’s working so you can improve performance.

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Expand your user base and climb the charts

Our platform helps people around the world discover your games.

Cutting-edge tools help you acquire new users at scale and broaden your install base.

Instant feedback lets you know how much to bid for users to maximize your investment.

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You develop the game—we’ll handle the rest

We partner with developers like you by recognizing great mobile games and helping them get discovered.

Our studios give you the ability to launch high-quality iPhone and Android games and build a global user base.

Our creative and strategy teams help you rise through the charts and grow your revenue.

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Brand Safety

Ensure safety for your brand

Analyze, monitor, and oversee the ads in your games with our end-to-end approach.

Tailor user experiences to only show the ads that you want them to see.

Identify bad ads and better manage the advertisers that you want to show in your apps.

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