What is CPI or cost per install? 

CPI or cost per install is when app advertisers pay a certain amount every time a user installs their app from their served advertisement. CPI is used as a pricing model in mobile apps only and has become one of the most popular models for developers.

Why is CPI important? 

CPI is important to developers as it allows them to create targeted campaigns and only pay when their app is installed. What this means is that they can calculate ROI and set a profitable price point for each install in their UA campaign, and optimize towards that. 

How do I calculate CPI? 

Cost per install or CPI has many different dependencies. These dependencies can include geographic locations and device preferences such as iOS or Android. CPI is calculated by dividing the ad spend usually over a specific time period by the number of new installs from that same period. 

Basic CPI formula: Ad spend / number of installs

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