What are Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the quantifiable metrics used by game developers to measure the success of their games and business. KPIs are used to measure various areas including game performance, user acquisition, monetization strategies, progress towards goals, and overall business performance. 

The importance of KPIs

In order to launch a successful game or run a successful business, you need to set goals and objectives to determine success. KPIs allow you to measure progress over time and better understand which areas are working, which are not, and where to focus your attention. 

Without measuring KPIs — your game could be a potential big hit, a total waste of money, or somewhere in between — but, you won’t have the data to prove either one. 

What are the most important KPIs in mobile gaming?

No single KPI can be used to determine overall success, most developers focus on multiple KPIs and it varies from company to company. Below we have listed what we consider to be the most important KPIs in mobile gaming: 

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