What is IMPDAU? 

Impressions per daily active user, or IMPDAU, is a KPI used by developers to measure how effective their monetization strategy is, in terms of impressions, on a daily basis. To simplify it, how many ads are served on average to each of your active users on a given day. 

Why is IMPDAU important? 

IMPDAU is an important metric when analyzing the effectiveness of your monetization strategy on an on-going basis. The most common uses of IMPDAU are: 

  • When testing new bidding partners or changing your waterfall setup. 
  • When analyzing conversion rate and ARPDAU.
  • Testing new game features. 

How do you calculate IMPDAU?

Number of daily impressions / number of daily active users 

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How does in-app bidding impact IMPDAU: 

When developers switch to MAX, the full-stack monetization solution based on in-app bidding, our automated and unbiased auction serves ads faster and reduces latency. We then see an immediate increase in IMPDAU, which leads to an average ARPDAU lift of over 15% for developers. 

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