User Acquisition

What is user acquisition, or UA?

User acquisition is the process of acquiring users for your mobile game through marketing activities focused on generating installs. Successful gaming companies focus on UA campaigns being ROI positive — meaning the users they acquire generate more revenue through effective monetization or in-app purchases (IAP) than it costs to acquire them. 

How does user acquisition work?

When launching a UA campaign, developers have the option of partnering with multiple supply partners and utilizing their underlying technologies — as well as different types of creatives.

UA is usually carried out through mobile ad networks, which allows advertisers to advertise by serving in-app ads on games from other companies, or by cross-promoting on their own games. 

This is a data-centric approach. A good UA strategy takes into account the games they are advertising in, the cost of acquiring new users, and the life-time value (LTV) and average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) of the users they acquire. 

The importance of User Acquisition (UA)

You can have a great game but without a good UA strategy, you will struggle to succeed in an ever-competitive mobile gaming industry. A UA strategy should focus on getting the right users for your game, reaching a point where your strategy is ROI positive and scalable, and growing your game to move up the charts.

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