Dynamic Creative Ads

What are dynamic creative ads?

Dynamic creative ads are a type of ad in which the creative content is updated in real time based on predefined parameters set by an advertiser. They offer an automated approach to serving creatives into ad inventory on the basis of real-time data collected about the user and the impression.

Examples of dynamic creatives in action include a national retailer’s app showing different deals based on third-party data about the impression, or a travel app advertising different destinations to different geographical locations or based on climate or local weather conditions. In the case of playable ad creatives for gaming, the creative may also behave differently in response to user input, or show different prompts to different users. 

A key advantage of dynamic creatives for mobile and in-app advertising is that they allow advertisers to serve highly relevant, personalized, and unique ads to users on the go: common parameters used to improve targeting and UA include location, weather, time, and more. 

For example, a well-timed ad for a tropical vacation or a delicious cup of hot chocolate might really engage a user who’s commuting home on a cold and snowy day, and with the help of weather targeting, daypart targeting, and anonymized data about the user’s commuting habits would enable an advertiser to serve this ad at the best moment to resonate with the user and motivate conversions.

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