Playable Ads

What are playable ads?

Playable ads are interactive ads that let users try out the core functionality of an app or game, like a free demo. This gives users the opportunity to experience an app or game before they commit to downloading. Playable ads can utilize sight, sound, and the ability to directly experience a product — and have proven to be effective at increasing conversions and retention, and ultimately, player LTV and revenue. 

What are the best practices for playable ads?

  • Be focused: Be sure to showcase the best feature of your app.
  • Create accessible difficulty: Strike the right balance between making your playable ad challenging to engage the user, but not too easy so that they lose interest quickly.
  • Appeal to a player’s pathos: Look to engage users emotionally, with a clear invitation to play.
  • Push the boundaries: Create a unique, memorable experience that leave users wanting more.

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