Learning Phase

What is a learning phase?

In mobile and online advertising, the learning phase is a campaign optimization phase of machine learning when artificial intellgence (AI) must ingest and interpret a large amount of data in order to learn how to create desired outputs and make helpful decisions about bidding, pricing, and content optimization based on new information.

During the learning phase, an AI’s performance has not yet stabilized. The main goal of machine learning in this phase is to reach a point where it can consistently analyze and interpret incoming data in a way that translates to smart decision-making that helps developers, marketers, and advertisers achieve desired revenue, growth, and user acquisition goals. 

Why are learning phases important?

While the learning phase of any campaign or content optimization initiative requires a substantial amount of input and analysis, advancements in machine learning mean that with enough data, AIs can optimize and calibrate quickly and effectively without a need for manual human input and adjustment.

By investing a portion of spend in well-built AI and a healthy learning phase, app developers and digital advertisers can ensure the best possible results with the least amount of effort.

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