What is an OEM?

An OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells products or components to be integrated into or branded by another company, often under the latter’s label. 

In the context of mobile and digital performance advertising, OEMs produce and sell smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices that run on various operating systems, as well as laptop and desktop computers, CTVs, and streaming media devices. For example, some of Android’s OEMs include Samsung, LG, and NUU Mobile.

Why are OEMs important?

For mobile app advertisers, partnering with OEMs can provide opportunities for pre-installing or featuring apps on new devices, offering custom promotions or exclusive content, and gaining exposure to a larger audience through the OEM’s existing customer base.

This can lead to increased app downloads, better user engagement, and more revenue generation for the advertiser. In recent years, opportunities for advertisers to work with OEMs and preloaded software have grown considerably. 

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